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I found this company on Amazon.com, in a last ditch effort to help my acne prone skin. I am 26 and have acne and scarring from that acne, I also have huge pores. I have tried everything from pills to creams to cleaners, even diets, I tried it all. Nothing ever worked. I started out with the glycolic peel and moved on from there. Best thing Cellbone ever did was put samples in with orders, smart marketing, I found the cleaner, toner and creams worked well for my skin. Thus, for the last five year I have toiled to correct my skin. Now my skin is clearing up and it is smooth and my pores are nearly gone. Another fun surprise I discovered was the under eye care samples in my order, my dark circles and eye bags were gone in three days, that worked too. I am impressed and I am a believer and I do not feel so hopeless about being in my late 20's and having acne, because it is almost gone now, I have only been using these products for a month. I do not feel like I am throwing away my money anymore. I will be coming back again and again for these wonderful products, as I continue to age. Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me. - Amy B.