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After trying several skin care products on the market, I luckily found Cellbone! I have tried these products for about 9 months and the results are amazing! I use them day and night and the difference in my skin is remarkable. I am in my middle 30s and my face was started to show it. Now my skin is tighter and softer. Every time I purchase these products, I always get so many wonderful samples that there is no need try anything else. I already have the whole Cellbone skin care line from serums, moisturizers to peels that I have no need to spend more money and time on spas anymore. After I prepare my face daily with collagen wash, I love to use the Hyper Peptides serum before my Super AOX moisturizer. My friends and family have noticed how this serum and the rest of these products have improved the texture of my skin because it looks younger and glowing. I also use the glycolic acid peel once or twice a week and my skin have cleared up noticeable. I always recommend these products to everybody and I am a permanent customer. In addition to my experience with these wonderful products, the customer service is great! Thank you Cellbone!!! - Diane H.