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I have been using Cellbone Skin Care products for a while now. I am 65 and I feel that I look pretty good for my age. My routine is washing with Cellbone facial cleanser and then I use Restore on my chin and neck let that dry and then use either Stem Cell or Collagen on my face. I tend to use a different series of their products only because I know now what my total skin care is. I use Skin Peel on my chest and where ever I have sun spots. I also use Super AOX as a moisturizer and I find that between the three products, most spots will disappear in a short period of time. I have also used Glycolic Acid on the more stubborn ones and they to will peel off. What I do is use the pure Glycolic Acid dip a Q-tip into water then into the crystals and apply it directly to the spot. It will turn red and fade away. I alternate products but I seem to come back to the Peptides and Vitamin A and C creams. I love the smell of the AOX so clean and tangy. That is one product I use after all the other routines I follow. They don't take long, by the time I apply the lotions or creams, I brush my teeth and they are dry and on goes the makeup. Very simple and easy to do. Don't stick to one product or routine, I have found so many different uses and love the results so much that it never becomes boring. I love looking forward to the results when using new products. I love to experiment with them. I am so glad that I found Cellbone, for one thing they are always working to come up with something new and innovative. I like that and I like the fact that they take a personal interest in the specific needs of their clients. Thank you Cellbone for being there for those of us including a certain 30 year male who was enthralled when he found out I am 65. He was here to sell us our Medicare Ins. He wants to use it on his skin. I gave him some of the samples and he was thrilled. I think Cellbone has found another admirer. Cellbone I am so glad I found your website, you will never know how much I appreciate your staff effort to keep us looking good. - Diane Q