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I have been a client of Cellbone for at least 8 years. I am almost 70 but my skin is fantastic because I have been using your products for all this time.

I do have a problem that I need an ans. to. Last year I had hip surgery. Within 4 mos. I lost around 30 pounds. What I need is a product to tighten my skin where I had lost muscle mass and it left me with crinckly skin on my upper arm and shoulder and of course the inner thigh of the operated leg.

I have started working out again to replace the lost muscle mass but in the meantime if you could tell me what I could use from Cellbone to help my skin "shrink" back to normal as I exercise to regain the muscle that I lost.

I have used the Stem Cell lotion, Glycolic peels and Vita A. peels and Vita A cream 400,000 units. I have used the moisture lotions and copper lotion skin moisturizers

I am getting a little anxious because summer is coming and most everything is no sleeve tanks, camis, etc.

Please advise me the products that will help me to tone my skin so that I don't have the loose skin which is noticeable when I bend down to pick something up. Standing up its OK.

The inner thigh is progressing slowly because I can only do certain exercises to build muscle in the inner thigh. I don't have hanging flesh, or giggly flesh either I just need something to help tone and lift the skin as an adjunct to my exercising. I have thought about Restore, and I was wondering what you thought of to use or a combo of peels and lotion to help me.

If you go to your testimonial page you will see my picture and I will try to send my most recent one. No one thinks I am anywhere near 70, they look at me and say they think I am 25 years younger. I have you to thank for that.

Thank you so much for your input on my problem. I look forward to your advise.

Sincerely, Diane Q.