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Dear Cellbone, I started using your products almost 10 years ago. I am a 62 year old grandmother and have skin to rival someone much younger (according to my daughter😉). I recently discovered Super AOX moisturizing cream and Restore II serum (love them!) in addition to various other products I have used through the years. I also use Vitamin C 27 serum, collagen rice scrub, and daily sun protection and wear little to no makeup. My complexion is even toned and supple. Living in New Jersey with harsh winters, hot summers, and sketchy air quality, I feel like I have found the "holy grail" of skincare. Note, in my picture I am wearing only some eye makeup and a little blush, no other face makeup. Also, I have not had Botox, Juvederm etc. (although I am considering it, imagine the results then!) Please keep up the good work, and thank you for the generous samples you always send with my orders. Regards, "Gloria" (a happy customer)