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I've been dealing with an Endocrine disorders for 30 yrs. After it was detected in 1980, doctors tried medications for five yrs. to control my thyroid, without success. In 1985 doctors destroyed my thyroid with radioactive iodine, which over killed the thyroid. I've lived with dry, lizard skin. In December I started going to a new doctor who specializes in alternative medicine and has patients from all over the country. Finally someone seems to know what they're doing in adjusting my hormones. My thyroid is more balanced, and my skin is less dry. However, my HANDS continued to be RED/BLUE and DRY. In March, the doctor suspected that it may be a fungus and suggested a vitamin C serum that was $135/oz. Well, that was out of the question. So I did research and found the Cellbone site -- the prices were much more reasonable! I called and spoke with Alex and told him my predicament. He suggested that I try the C-23 Serum and sent me a sample of the Glycolic C. I alternate the products (Glycolic C in the evening and C-23 in the daytime). I noticed results in a FEW DAYS! Alex asked for me to let him know how it worked -- I decided to wait till after my follow-up appointment on May 5th. Well, the doctor was extremely impressed with the results. My hands are no longer dry, but soft and smooth. The color is closer to normal and she said, "The BLUE coloring is gone!" She asked what I did and I told her about the website, which she immediately opened up while I was there! Her reply was, "I love my patients!" She was so impressed that now she wants samples because she is considering carrying the products in her practice! I'm anxious to try some of the other products, as well! - Jan K.