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Hi Dear Cellbone People, I just had to share this with you. I have been using your products about a month now. I am an 82 year old lady who always had lovely skin but in this past summer it really started to do a "NO-NO, Ooh No !" I lost my dear sweetheart husband last year just one week after our 49th year together So I guess out of sorrow and loneliness I did let go. Also found myself with a lot of outside chores -like would you believe walking behind a weed eater on wheels for 5 and 6 hour stretches ? Yeah and like pop corn these lines and horrible brown spots started appearing. I of course, used some "nerdy" no good sunscreen which had cost a lot to do nothing. With perspiration it just ran into my eyes and burned and then ran on off my face. I decided it was time to DO SOMETHING to stop the aging and lucky me, I called Cellbone and got to talk with the nicest customer service lady about what to use for my problems. I made and order and started religiously to follow her instructions. I LOVE THE PRODUCTS especially the marvelous SUNSCREEN as it stopped the sun from making ugly brown spots on my poor face -cold. I have never used such an excellent sunscreen. But that is not all of my cloud nine for today. A friend who lives about a quarter of a mile from me came over to bring me some wonderful natural oatmeal cookies (my very fav yummm) As we sat talking over a cup of fresh coffee, Pat kept looking intently at my face. She finally said "Jewel, are you using some kind of new skin care thing -your face is just so smooth and I can hardly see those spots you had they are a lot lighter " Wheeeee yep that made my day as it proved to me that the Hyper Peptides and vit C serum and all the goodies I had received from you was working and quickly. It cinched for me that I was not imagining the super improvement in my skin when I looked in my mirror -not my wishful thinking but the real thing. Also get this I was not wearing one bit of makeup at all just The Cellbone Hyper Peptide serum and I also had applied a bit of the Rescue free sample you sent. I also had used Eye Peel and Eye cream from my free sample and over this I had --uhhhhhuh the wonderful Cellbone Sunscreen. Thank you, thank you and Blessings for being a company whose skin care products deliver what you say they will AND MORE TOO AND QUICKLY. I am just sooo thrilled and can hardly wait to get an order in for a couple more of your products. I want to wipe out these old brown spots and will order the skin lightener you offer and most likely the Rescue but am having a bit of trouble deciding if I want the Rescue or the Glycolic C Super C Serum. I hope I am not boring you all to death with all of my enthusiastic OOOh AAAHHs . Sincere Thanks a Million - Jewel W.