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I live in Colorado where the climate is dry and punishing at high altitudes. In my early thirties I saw my skin begin to change and age rapidly. It scared the heck out of me! Lots of fine lines, dull, blotchy, melasma & constantly dehydrated skin. I have tried many products, from grocery store brands to expensive derma ceutical lines from cosmetic surgeons, to those sold in expensive department stores like Neiman Marcus and SAKS.

I started researching ingredients that were scientifically proven to be beneficial, like matrixyl, and got a list together of ingredients I thought I wanted to find in a product. I searched online and found Cellbone through Google. I took a chance and ordered because these products seem to offer everything I was looking for ingredient-wise and quality-wise. There is a beautiful symbiosis between science & nature in the ingredients. It was risky spending over $100 on products I'd never tried from a company I'd never heard of, but I made the right choice and thank myself now for taking the chance on Cellbone. It is life-changing for my face!

Well I was blown away when I first tried these products. I seriously felt like I had come from a spa facial. My skin was literally hydrated, plump and GLOWING. It sounds hard to believe but I saw an IMMEDIATE difference in my skin, and now a year later, friends cannot believe I am rapidly approaching forty! I got a massage a few weeks ago at a spa and the masseuse guessed I was 28!! I love the way the Collagen Wash makes my skin feel. The Glycolic C has helped with my melasma, and the Super AOX moisturizer is so hydrating. I love putting it on and watching my skin plump up. Plus, I love the smell and texture of it. Luxurious, to say the least. I also use several serums like the Collagen Anti Aging Serum and the Copper Peptide. They all work. I can't wait to try some new products and also reorder my favorites.

I am a convert and Cellbone girl. The prices are incredible, the ingredients are high quality, the customer service is stupendous, and the samples they give with your order are so generous and useful, that it practically brings tears of joy to my eyes as I open my box! My last order (my first time ordering), I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning! GOODIE IN A BOX TO KEEP ME YOUNG! Hooray! I also love the fact that we aren't paying for overblown advertising, packaging and department store overhead in our products. We are getting what we pay for: science & quality ingredients!

I am very impressed with this company and their products and all I do is tell all my friends. My sister is a convert, and I just told 2 more friends a few days ago to go online to order.

I'd say my only challenge with this product line is choosing which things to order and figuring out the best way to combine them for maximum scientific anti-aging benefits. I was a bit confused at first, there are so many items and things that seem similar yet different, but my sister said she called Cellbone and spoke with the nicest man who took so much time and detail to walk her through everything. She was so impressed and learned so much about how to optimally use and combine her products! So I will be doing that upon my reorder for sure, because I still can't narrow it down, I am like a kid on a candy store and want one of everything!!!!

Thanks, Cellbone. You scientists and beauty/anti-aging gurus over there ROCK! L. Conner, Denver CO