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I have been using Cellbone products for more then half a year now, and very happy with the products! The products are high quality and feel lovely on the skin. The products are effective, a little goes a long way. I need just a few drops of most of the skin care serums for the entire face. I have been using consistently several products. For example, vitamin C serum, which I use daily, is lightweight and feels great. Sun Protection SPF 45 is non-greasy and with high UVA/UVB SPF45 protection, I live in Southeast of the US where good sun protection is a must, at the same time during hot humid summer months I need something non-greasy, and Sun Protection SPF 45 provides just this. I use other Cellbone products as well, and they are wonderful from various acids for peels to exotic solutions such as Kigelia Africana. Packaging is attractive, practical, and convenient to use. Special note deserves customer service. The customer service is great! Special thanks to Alex who is extremely knowledgeable and always provides useful and informative suggestions. Customer service is important to me and Cellbone can be proud of being customer oriented. - Larissa M.