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I must say I am very, very pleased with your products. I've been using the glycolic peel, the glycolic-c serum, and body peel for less than two months and my skin looks great. My main reason for trying your product was because I had really ugly dark spots on my toes and after using the glycolic 70%, my feet have improved drastically. I've tried bleaching creams for almost 10yrs, but nothing seemed to work until I tried your product. Now I find myself just staring at my feet because I still can't believe how much better they look. I don't use the glycolic 70% on my face because it's such a high percentage but I definitely use it on my legs and knees, and now I love showing off my legs. Lately I've been using the collagen mask serum on my face and maybe it's just me but this stuff works wonders. You've got good customer service, super fast shipping, and your products are GREAT! I will be ordering again soon. Thanks, - Latisha