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Dear Cellbone, I just had to share with everyone the amazing results of your products. I had done quite a bit of research on the skin and how to protect it from aging. Your products are on the cutting edge of all the latest advances and the results I've achieved are the proof! I start my day with the Collagen Cleanser and Toner. Afterwards, I use the C20ie, sunscreen and Super AOX for protection and moisturizing. I finish with the Hydra Seal and Hydra Seal for Eyes. Then, I'm ready for make-up. To achieve the maximum benefits, I have discovered that the entire peptide series is essential for me. I alternate using the Hyper Peptides with the Nanosome Copper Peptide one day and the Collagen Peptide with Collagen Antiaging Serum another day. The Retinol 1.0 and Rescue have eliminated all the fine lines that were developing under my eyes and diminished significantly the forehead creases that had started. The Skin Nutra is a must for nighttime nourishment. My skin is rested and still moisturized when I wake up. I look and feel 10 - 15 years younger! The results came so quickly, too. The Eye Complex Firm and the Eye Contour are effective for ensuring that my eyes always look their brightest and youngest. I use the Glycolic 20% Peel and Neutralizer weekly for skin rejuvenation. The Collagen Rice Scrub, Collagen Clay Mask and Collagen Mask are refreshing and really pamper my skin with extra collagen nourishment. My skin looks so bright, clear and soft! I can't thank Cellbone enough for providing products that really deliver results! The samples are so generous that I have ample opportunity to see their effectiveness and have enabled me to add new products to my regimen. God bless you for helping me stay so young and confident! - Linda W. Moncks Corner SC