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Litchi Seed Extract

Inhibition of the loss of Collagen

Inhibition of Collagenase

Litchi Collagen
Collagen is distributed in the entire dermis of the skin, containing 90% of dermis. Collagen maintains appropriate elasticity and strength of the skin. When collagenase, an enzyme, maintains appropriate elasticity and strength of the skin. When collagenase is activated, and collagen is degraded, wrinkles and sagging as aging phenomena of the skin develop. Collagen produced in the body is degraded by collagenase. Litchi Seed Extract at a low concentration inhibited collagenase, inhibiting the degradation of collagen.

Collagen Productivity in normal human fibroblasts

Litchi Collagen Production
Collagen is the main component of skin in humans. Also productivity of collagen in human skin start to decline at around age of 20 years. It may be possible for human to maintain elastic and smooth skin if productivities of collagen can be increased. Litchi Seed Extract can increase collagen production in normal human fibroblasts (cells equivalents to those in humans at the ages when the collagen productivity starts declining.