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Dear Cellbone, After talking to the great lady on your phone line, it was suggested I send you my testimony. I started using your products less than 3 months ago, (March 09 ). At that time I ordered the Glycolic Acid 50% Peel Gel and the Hydra CP+Gel. And I just loved the products. Years back I had a few Glycolic peels at a dermatologist's office for some sun discoloration, which worked well. But now that years have gone by, I have more sun and age discoloration along with wrinkles and saggy skin that came with menopause. And I can no longer afford a dermatologist, so when I came across your products and realized I can treat my skin at home for such an affordable price, I was thrilled. Most recently I have ordered the Super AOX and the Restore. And needless to say, I am loving the products as well. My skin feels and looks so much nicer. I have actually had compliments from others that I look refreshed and not so tired. When I ordered the first of the products, I actually took a before pic because I was skeptical that these products would work. I figured they were probably different than what the Doctors use. And I know when I look in the mirror, sometimes what I see is different than when I look at a pic of myself. LOL. Guess we see what we want to. So I knew the pic would not lie. And I hate to even send it because it shows how bad my skin had become. But the more recent pic I took, gives me so much hope about taking my skin back a few years. In just this short time, my skin is more subtle, smoother, brighter, and the wrinkles are even showing a bit of improvement. I use the products both morning and evening and as I told the women on the phone, I dab on the Moist n seal throughout the day, right over my makeup, so my skin has a moist look all day. By the way, they sent me generous samples of the moist n seal with my orders, along with a lot of other samples. What Cellbone calls samples are what you get as full size from other companies. And I did check prices of similar products on other websites and I found that Cellbone does have the best prices and larger size bottles. If you are considering a product to improve your skin, I would say look no further than the Cellbone site! I will send you a picture update when I am another year older and looking a few years younger, thanks to your products!!! Thanks, Cellbone! - N.I.