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I learned about the Cellbone product line while researching effective anti-aging ingredients. Once I located the website and literally read everything, I was super excited about the quality of ingredients, the product clinical research, testimonies and the product line. I am 45 and lived in Europe for several years and have used many top end skin care products for years and from many countries, however; I was still looking for more effective and long lasting results without the use of Botox and other injections. I've been using the products for almost 3 months and I love EVERY ONE of them. I am a skin care product fanatic and soon will be placing my 4th order. I ordered the following:

1. Collagen Mask: Love this; I used it 1 to 2 times weekly. It immediately hydrates and firms my skin beautifully and you only need to use a little. At least once a week, I use it at night with HA and Moist'Seal. When I wake up, my skin is fabulous. 2. Pure Hyaluronic Acid gel (HA): LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. I use this twice daily no matter what other serums I am using. It helps to firm my skin and seal in moisture. I see a major improvement in my skin's elasticity-remarkable results. 3. Hydra CP+: I really like this. It smoothes and clears my skin and makes my pores appear smaller and nonexistent. I don't use this while using Glycolic C Serum, so I only use it at night. However, when I use this, I omit HA or Moist'Seal based on how much hydration I want. When I discontinue the Glycolic C Serum program, I will use the CP twice daily.

4. Hyper Peptides: Love this. I used this for 3 weeks and noticed the elasticity in my skin was tighter, my pores were smaller and wrinkles diminished, lines were smoother and my skin was lifted and just beautiful. It even helped to clear my skin as well. I used this twice daily and alternate this serum with Restore Skin. 5. Super AOX: I really like this product with the Hyper Peptide or Restore Skin serum, it provided a visible extra lift and moisture to my skin and I loved that. Because my skin is sensitive, I used this once daily and I alternate this with Skin Nutra. 6. Glycolic 30%: My skin was a little sensitive to this strength in some spots, but I loved my skin's clarity following its use. I used this twice a week, but discontinued it and started using Glycolic C Serum, which I love. 7. Glycolic C Serum: Because my skin was sensitive to the Glycolic 30%, Cellbone shipped me a free sample of the Glycolic C Serum. It is lighting my skin and dark marks very nicely and providing my skin a more even tone. I use this once daily. Love this. 8. Collagen Skin Refresher: Removes makeup and dirt without scripting my skin of moisture, leaving my skin hydrated, firm and smooth. I use this a few times weekly, especially when I wear make-up. It's great for breakouts. 9. Sun Protection SPF 45 Cream: Love it. It's moisturizing, very light and doesn't leave a gray or ghostly looking film over my face. I use this every time I leave the house. I use this alone or with other serums/moisturizers. 10. Restore Skin: I love this too and alternate using this with Hyper Peptides. Restore Skin gave me a more lifted look and I could really see the contours of my face. I use this twice daily.

With my order, Cellbone sent me a very generous sample package that included: 1. Collagen Cleanser: Love it. It has a beautiful latter which cleans very well as it softens, clears and hydrate my skin. I use this day and night. 2. Moist'Seal gel: Love this. I use this after I have applied my serums and HA. It provides a moisture seal without a greasy or heavy film. It's very light and absorbs quickly, but very effective in skin firmness, moister, skin clarity, etc.. I use this twice daily. 3. Pure Collagen Powder: Love it, Love it, Love it. I use this at least once weekly. This is a deep penetrating firming mask that hydrates and smoothes my skin beautifully. It functions like a mini face life. You'll notice and love its results for days. 4. Collagen Peptide XE for eyes: My skin was a little sensitive to this. The excellent customer service at Cellbone shipped me a sample of the Eye Moist'Seal, alone with my 3rd order. I've been using this for a few days and so far, I really like it. It smoothes lines and provides hydration and elasticity to my eye area. 5. Collagen Peptide XC for face: I haven't tired this yet, but I will alternate this with Hyper Peptides and Restore Skin.

More generous samples were shipped with my 2nd order: 1. Glycolic C Serum: See above notes. 2. Moist'Seal: See above notes. 3. Skin Nutra: Love it, Love it, Love it. This cream gives my skin a beautifully smoothed and hydrated look leaving my skin feeling soft with a visible velvety texture as if the true undertone colors of my skin are finally appearing. I use this once nightly and follow with HA and/or Moist'Seal. This gives my skin a beautiful finish. I alternate this with my once a week night time Collagen Mask Serum routine. 4. Organic Shea Butter: Love it, Love it, Love it. This is my all purpose butter and it can be used alone. I use it if I want more hydration or I'll sometimes give my skin a 1 day rest from my serums and use this with HA and/or Moist'Seal.

More generous samples were shipped with my 3rd order: 1. Moist'Seal: See above notes. 2. Eye Moist'Seal: See above notes. 3. Pure Collagen Powder: See above notes.

My skin is beautiful, firm, smooth, hydrated, lifted and the tone is evening quite well. I am very impressed and LOVE the product line and its ingredients, which are far more effective than all of the "high-end" products I used to buy. After using Cellbone products and you desire more lifting then you would have to start botox and other injections. By the way, this product line would be an excellent maintenance tool following botox injections. These products are truly high end quality, clinically proven and very functional. This product line allows each individual the ability to tailor their own personal skin care needs with amazing results. Cellbone customer service is knowledgeable, kind, delightful, patient, and always available to answer questions and provide product usage advice. Enjoy the many rants and raves. You're going to LOVE your skin!!! -Nikole S.