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I am an aesthetician and own my own business. I have not been tied to any particular company and am constantly changing products, always looking for the absolute best for myself and my wonderful clients. I stumbled upon the Cellbone website and was amazed at the information and reference for each product. When I placed my first order I had a thousand questions on the products and the best way to use them, each was answered fully and I didn't feel rushed at all. I've since called many times with more questions and have found the customer service to be very knowledgeable, friendly and not pushy. The service is really impeccable. Every order has come quickly and I've always received complimentary products. (which is GREAT) As for the quality of the products - UNSURPASSED. Believe me - I've used it all. The prices are great too. Not at all overpriced. And the quality, the glycolics, the vitamin C, the neutralizer, the collagen mask, the B-5 moisturizer, the sunscreen the AOX liquid and cream, the matrixyl 3000, I could go on and on - they can no be beat. For once you actually get what you pay for! Every product I've used has been exceptional. The day I found Cellbone was "MY LUCKY DAY." P.S. I'm so impressed with this company I had to write - by the way, this is the first and only testimonial I've ever written. Sincerely - Patti W.