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Dear Cellbone, I am writing to tell you about how pleased I've been with your products. It's really quite amazing to find skincare products that actually do what the company claims. I have been using your products for nearly a year now, and my skin looks noticeably smoother. I'm especially impressed by the Hyper Peptides. I could see a difference in my skin within just a few days of starting to use it. I want to say, also, how much I appreciate the free samples that come with each order; they are generous samples that really let you get a sense of how a product works. I think this is a great marketing strategy. I almost never buy the products when the sample is too small an amount for me to have formed any real impression, but Cellbone's samples allow me to know what I'm getting. I have ordered the full product several times after trying Cellbone's samples. I have spent many years and lots of money trying skin care products, hoping to find something that will really make a difference in how my skin looks. After finding Cellbone products I think I will never look anywhere else not only have these products reduced lines and generally evened out my skin tone, but my face looks, I think, even dewy; pretty good for 44 years old. It's rare to find a company that makes realistic claims about wonderful products. Thank you. - Rebecca A. Albuquerque, New Mexico