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Skin Facial Oils

The newest, most powerful Skin Facial Oil Therapy
LiftVector  Facial Oil Serum
Skin Facial Oils
LiftVector Facial Oil Serum is a multifunctional oil serum that protects the lipid barrier, improves the barrier function of the skin, restores the water balance, and slows down the signs of aging.
Argan Oil
Skin Facial Oils
Argan Oil is 100% pure and is a versatile moisturizing and revitalizing treatment clinically proven to improve skin hydration and elasticity, and gentle enough to be used on all skin types and conditions. Produced from kernels of the Argan tree found in Morocco, ARGAN OIL contains high amounts of vitamin E, phenols, and unsaturated fatty acids
Hydra SQ+  100% Purified Squalane
Skin Facial Oils
Hydra SQ+ 100% Purified Squalane is a fast-absorbing and deep penetrating oil-like moisturizer and antiaging treatment without the oily and greasy after-feel. Its lightweight, silky texture leaves skin soft and supple while improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles.