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I located your site after searching for SNAP-8. The knowledge I have gained from either listening or reading about beauty products from a scientific standpoint has led me to your website because contrary to all of the beauty buzz words about organic, natural, etc. I have discovered that chemical ingredients are what really makes a difference in skin tone, texture and appearance. I regret not taking before and after photos once I discovered your products. I vowed to use up my stash of serums and creams (I have an addiction to beauty products), but couldn't help myself once I discovered your acid peels and serums. I have been using Hyper Peptides - Advanced Line Defense Serum and the Eye Complex Cream which is more of a serum consistency and quickly absorbed. I am 59 and people think I am 10 years younger. I used to constantly have breakouts in our hot humid climate, but no more. I realize I can't stop the aging process, but I certainly can look much better on the way. Using your products over the past year has allowed me to wear less makeup because my skin looks so good. And using less as you age gives more of a youthful appearance as makeup has a propensity to settle into lines and wrinkles. I was delighted to find all of the generous samples you send along with my orders. As I said, I am feverishly going through all of my previously purchased products to be a complete convert. I used to be mortified if someone caught me without makeup, but since using your products. . . . it's no biggie! SLD - Louisiana​