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I have been using the products you sent to me about 1 1/2 months. ago. I found the Body Peel to be very effective in removing the small to medium size age spots, some in less than 2 days of use. The Restore is next. After using Body Peel I than apply Restore. When using Body Peel for the first time, my skin looked as though it was sunburned. It then peeled and off went the spots. Restore than puts moisture back into the new skin. I use the Glycolic C on my face, let it dry then apply Restore, let that dry and moisturize with Super AOX. I have a BIG "thumbs up" for Body Peel and Restore. The moisturizers work well too. The Eye Complex in the blue pump bottle has firmed and toned the delicate under eye skin. I have to say that I have also removed Stretch marks using first, 50% Glycolic Peel, and then derma abrasion, (my own equipment) I repeated the process over a period of 2 months. I now apply the Glycolic C or Restore and when that dries the super AOX. I now can wear the lower cut jeans, shorts etc. Keep in mind that I am 62 years old. I am so proud of my skin being so soft and smooth. It is not an overnight cure, but if one sticks to it, the results are staggering. I tried Strivectin (2)x's and Trilastin once, both at great expense, they did nothing. I then used your products set up a treatment plan and l have been able to achieve the look and feel of youthful skin. If I can ans. any questions you may email me and I will ans. them for you. Also if you could send me Restore and Body Peel I would appreciate it. Thanks again for letting me try out your products. If you need me to talk with anyone who have questions concerning what I have explained above (especially my stretch mark routine). Sincerely - Diane Q.