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Dear Cellbone, Your products are a godsend, especially for people like me with sensitive, difficult, marred skin. I've been a customer since 2008. I was left with bad scarring and HUGE pores from acute cystic acne from my 20's. I've been using your products exclusively since this past spring, and started to run out, so I thought I'd try using some leftover products from other companies that were laying around (cleanser, moisturizer). Big mistake...The difference was night and day. Never again. I'm breaking out, and my skin looks horrific: huge pores, uneven skin tone, just awful. Needless to say, I just put a big order through, and have thrown the rest out for good.


What works for me are the following:
  1. Collagen Wash/Toner - leaves my skin clean and glowing, withotout over drying, and smells amazing. Helps to minimize pores.
  2. Restore - makes my skin supple and firm, w/a really nice glow.
  3. Retinol 1.0 - Really light but magical. Helps w/skin tone and pores.
  4. Moist'Seal - I put this over the last two, and it sets everything. Love this.


  1. Lactic Acid 60%
  2. G/L TCA 45%
  3. Salicylic Acid 20%


I interchange these, and use at least 2x a week. More than enough, w/no irritation. Even though I don't break out anymore (save for a pimple here or there once in a blue moon), none of the above caused me to breakout even in the intense heat and humidity over the last two months. I'm amazed. Your products not only benefit, but help to heal my skin. I considered dermabrasion, but too many people have said it's not worth the money for the lack of results. I've done some skin needling on my own, and use an LED machine here and there, and will continue only as I feel needed. But just using my routine w/your products was more than enough to make a TREMENDOUS difference. For the first time in my life, after I washed my make-up off, I was comfortable walking around without any on. As someone who's lived with severely problematic, oily skin w/scarring, this in itself is nothing less than a miracle. Wish I hadn't tried that experiment with the other stuff, but live and learn.
I'm 50, and recently saw friends whom I haven't seen in 20 years (we're all the same age), who kept saying I looked 30! For the first time in my adult life, I looked like I had normal skin. Please keep making these outstanding products!!! Thank you, and thanks to Stacy for amazing customer support and and service. I just had to share this with you. Will update again.


Gratefully, Lisa