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Hi! Zoe R. here!
This photo was taken at the dog park yesterday...
No filter, no editing, completely unretouched (although I was tempted to fix the lighting!)   I am wearing no makeup other than mascara (my pink eyebrows and hair are permanently colored every three weeks and I have been Pink for 4 1/2 years now!
But I never wear makeup base, my cellbone moisturizers and serums keep my skin looking so good, there is nothing To cover-up!   I have been using Cellbone products for several years and mix all my own moisturizers and serums using your products!
I am 54 years old and have three boys in college.  Most people are shocked to find out I have sons in college because they think I am in my early 30ís at the oldest!
I adore Cellbone products and love the way my skin looks and feels when I use them. I am a Cellbone customer for Life! - Zoe R.